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About Me

Dichi Al Faridi is my complete name, works as a Product Engineer (backend developer) at Merchant Platform (by Gojek). Understand Elixir, Java, Kotlin, Golang, and a bare minimum of Javascript.

My role in GoMerchants is to create and deliver something awesome for Gojek’s merchants to make them grow further. My recent contribution is a simple yet efficient POS system with tens of thousands of merchants. This POS system has been able to make merchants enter the Gojek ecosystem.

Coffee or tea would make my day brighter. Some kilometers of cycling is a short escape for me. Playing around with my son would make my day perfect. I would really appreciate it if you come around and do some talk with me (Sure, I would make a cup of tea for you).

Seriously, I’m not as geeky as you think. I could be reached by Twitter (@alfaridi) or by Telegram (@alfaridi)